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Earning Dean’s Funding Points

All Dean’s Funded orgs are required to volunteer for Dean’s Funding eligible events, i.e. events that are sponsored by the Fulton Engineering Dean’s Office or Fulton Student Council.

Since the Dean’s Office is supporting orgs, we need YOUR help in making Fulton events successful. Plus, it’s a great way to meet fellow students, faculty, staff, industry, alumni, AND promote your org at the same time.

We’ve tried to make the volunteering requirement as fair as possible for both small and large orgs to reach the 10 Dean’s Funding points. Below is a breakdown of the weighted points system. You’ll submit your volunteering information here!

Event Point Value Event Description/Parameters Examples
4-5 Event that is more than 4 hours where the group members equals or exceeds the organization’s minimum*. Engineering Open House (Required participation with booth or set up/event management), Homecoming Parade, Engineering Convocation, Fulton Engineering Career Fair
3 Event that is less than 4 hours where the group members equals or exceeds the organization’s minimum*. Most FSESC Events (Raves, Organization Fairs, BBQ’s), FURI Symposiums
2 Event where the group members are less than the organization’s minimum*, regardless of duration. Refer to 3 point events.
Variable Events and activities at the discretion of the Engineering Student Council and Student Engagement. Miscellaneous presentations, contract work, etc. at the discretion of the mentioned entities.

*The organization minimum is equal to 10% of the organization’s active membership, with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4.

All awarded organizations must earn 10 Dean’s Funding Points in order to be eligible for funding in the next semester.

Print the guidelines!