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Engineering | Fulton Schools Student Organizations

Go-to resources and forms


Online Financial Training

Want to use Fulton Schools funding? You must complete financial training. By completing this training, you can then move forward with spending your organization’s funding.

  1. Log-in to
  2. Go to Canvas.
  3. Click on the Organizations tab on the top left of the page
  4. Search Organizations: Fulton Student Organizations
  5. Click on the arrow underneath the class title, click Enroll
  6. After being added, go to “Modules” on the left, and review the FA19-SP20 Executive Board Financial Training Manual
  7. Take the Overview Quiz found under “Quizzes”
Financial Forms

Find your FSO’s Fulton Account Numbers

P-Card Request Form

Funds Request-Reimbursement: To request a reimbursement you must have received pre-approval from staff in order to submit.

Business Meals Form: Complete anytime you buy food or beverages

Recognition Item Form: Use when giving awards, all recipients must complete.

In-Kind Donation Form: For donors who are giving your org materials and supplies, contact, or call 480-727-6761

Funding Resources
Reimbursement Policies
  • Reimbursements requests (including mileage) must be submitted within 30 days after the transaction was completed.
  • Request approval before you make a purchase – it’s not guaranteed that requests not pre-approved will be processed.
  • DO NOT submit reimbursements greater than $1,000. They may not be approved for processing.
  • We cannot reimburse off-campus organization bank accounts.
  • Reimbursements with items that were not shipped to an ASU address will not be approved.
  • For large items, you can ship them to ASU shipping and receiving. They will schedule a time for delivery. You can provide your organization’s contact information.
ASU Student Organizations Handbook

Student Organization Involvement

Poly-Student Fee Allocation Board

Learn the in’s and out’s of managing a student organization and how to follow ASU policies by reviewing the manual.

Mailing and Billing Information

Use this format below so your organization receives materials in a timely manner: Always include your org’s name on the billing and shipping information.

For Billing (use for both Tempe and Poly)

Attn: FSE Student Engagement – ORG NAME
PO Box 876406
Tempe, AZ 85287-6406

For Shipping to Tempe

Attn: FSE Student Engagement – ORG NAME
951 S. Palm Walk, ECF 130
Tempe, AZ 85281

For Shipping to Poly

Attn: FSE Student Engagement – ORG NAME
7231 E. Sonoran Arroyo Mall
Mesa, AZ 85212

Travel Forms and Policies

In State Mileage & Parking Form: Want a reimbursement for in-state driving/parking? Use this.

Request to use your funds for travel: Planning to travel and use Fulton funds? Fill this out at least two weeks before travelling.

Share Your Travel Experience: Be famous! Share your travel memories and we’ll post share your story on the FSO web site, Facebook and on Inner Circle!