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Conflict Management and Resolution
ASU Pitchfunder
KEEN Funding
  • The KEEN Student Mini-Grants (KSMG) are open to individuals or student organizations to support entrepreneurial-minded campus events, projects or conference presentations and attendance. This is most often used by student organizations for their various events, competitions, and travel.
  • The KEEN Student Research Grants (KSRG) sponsor select students proposing research that includes the entrepreneurial values, with specific emphasis on highlighting connections and creating value. Research can be academically focused or industry-based.
  • Learn more about KSMG + KSRG here.
  • The KEEN Entrepreneurial Catalysts (ECs) are current engineering students and a peer resource to provide coaching on incorporating an entrepreneurial mindset into the project design and ideation process, entrepreneurship resources, and technical advice on the maker spaces. Make an appointment with them to learn more! Available at both the Poly and Tempe campuses.
Industry Relations