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Engineering | Fulton Schools Student Organizations

Below are some examples of typical FSO events that require submitting the online form.  Basically, if you have non-ASU guests & it’s a large-scale event:  submit the online event form

  • Flying drones
  • Fulton Student Council org fair
  • Hosting an organization conference
  • Inflatable party
  • K-12 event with kids on campus
  • Organization career fairs
  • VIP speaker for a large event


How to Submit the Event Form

  1. Click:
  2. Sign-in using ASURite ID (located in the upper right hand corner)
  3. Provide all required information
  4. Verify you have received a confirmation email with correct information

The collected data will be distributed to the proper individuals or departments to assist you in any safety or protocol measures. If anything needs to be addressed or additional permits are needed, they will be in contact with you.

This form will be used to provide a safer and more thorough campus for everyone. It will also ensure ASU maintains the University’s strategic vision through special events. Failure to fill this form out could result in cancellation of the event due to lack of required permitting or security procedures in place.

Note: The event form is replacing the individual forms that you would have needed to submit to specific department. This does not reserve your meeting space for you. You still must submit reservations for the site you want to have the event at.